80s Cassette Futurism Apartment - Character Pre-production Process Part 2

General / 17 May 2021

Environment Paintovers

I was very eager to place the girls within the scene to get a glimpse of them in their habitat, so I then created some paintovers on screenshots of the scenes my colleagues had created.

Getting to come back together as a team and see how our work could interact with each other was an extremely rewarding experience, and it was at this point I began to feel hugely encouraged by our progress. Doing this was not only gratifying, but it allowed us to confirm that we were creating a project that was cohesive as a whole.

Kitchen by Emily Evans

Lounge by Katy Templeton

Balcony by Katy Templeton


Concept Photobashing & Previs

Using the reference image library I had amassed and screenshots of my Metahumans, I created final character concepts. This helped me to nail down textiles and see how the characters will come together as a whole in a more real sense.

This was much quicker than hand drawing concepts, and is definitely the route I will take from the outset in the future. I also feel it lends itself better to the realism I aim to achieve in this project.

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  My last step was creating previs models using projected image textures. Doing this helped me get some experience with addons I plan to use, which was extremely valuable. I have tested porting these into UE4, and plan to put them into my colleagues' previs environment to give us a better overall previs than the paintovers I created previously.

Borrowed Assets

Below are the assets used that I did not create myself.

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