College Art Jounal

News / 19 September 2018

(Originally written 20/09/18 6.40pm)

3D & Photography

We started the day with 3D studies, which I was really not looking forward to. I greatly appreciate 3D work and would love to be able to be proficient at it, but I have always felt the materials cumbersome and have never been able to create what I have pictured in my mind. That extends to computer 3D modelling, I just feel like I can’t get a good grasp of 3D space whilst making things.

Despite that, I found the lesson very accessible. I used terracotta clay, and did not get frustrated with it as a material at all. I think that perhaps my previous experiences have been with cheaper clay as it was mainly in school, and that may be why I found it stiff to work with in the past.

We were asked to bring in an object to take imprints of textures. I took in an old graphics card, which worked really well as there were many varying textures across it. I rolled a piece of clay over the heatsink, and it looked a little bit like a finger, so I went with that theme and created a robot hand. At every stage I let the imprints made dictate where the piece of clay would go, and didn’t really fashion anything specifically to go anywhere on the piece. It was very enjoyable, and I am looking forward to seeing how it looks next week after it has been fired.

My other experiments were less successful as I didn’t really feel any inspiration from the shapes I was making, but I did still learn about the qualities of the clay and what can be achieved with it as a material.

Later, in the afternoon, we had a photography lesson. Again, I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about this, but found making photographs very engaging. It really made me think about the importance of composition and the value of more “flat” shots. We focused on not getting a whole wide image, with a background and a subject etc, but more of an abstract, close shot of objects that may look interesting. The underlying theme of the lesson was “lost and found,” and of course, the dilapidated shopfronts in the backsteets of Walsall town centre were perfect for this topic.

It could be a little frustrating trying to make the composition I had in mind without a zoom lens, as many interesting areas were out of reach. This worked in our favour though, I believe, because it meant I began to look more attentively at places I would never usually consider. How often do we analyse the flooring we are walking on? Inspiration strikes where we seek it, and oftentimes it can be where we don’t necessarily expect to find it.