3D & Photography

News / 22 October 2018

(Originally written 16/10/18

In 3D I properly prepared my illustrations ready for transferring to plaster. I aimed for a rustic feel and so opted to not use a ruler for my outlines, I feel a bit of wobble to them will look more cosy and also suit the imperfect plaster more than hard edges would. I’m a little unsure of how I will make the plaster blocks the right shape, as they are all rectangles now and I would like for them to have some gentle slopes, but I think I may be able to find a way after transferring the images. Mary also suggested painting them with watercolour after they are transferred, which I think is a fantastic idea. Watercolour will hopefully harken to the idea of cosiness again, and leave me with quite a quaint little set up.

I also got back a bottle filled with small shards of glass I put to be fired last lesson. Unfortunately, it was fired laying down as opposed to standing up, but the result is something that looks as if it could be an ornament in itself. I have put it aside for it to be fired again standing, mainly out of curiosity. I am actually glad that it got fired a different way to what I intended, as it means that I now have the opportunity to see the piece in another state. Glass fusing seems primarily about metamorphosis, and being able to do this multiple times for different results is a very happy accident.

Photography consisted of printing 8”10” photographs to go into our portfolios. It was interesting how the timings and settings we used for the smaller paper stopped being applicable, as the enlarger head was positioned farther away this time.

I used dodging and burning this session to balance out the tones in my photographs, which was a lot more simple than I expected. For some reason, the pictures seemed less impressive on larger paper to me, although that could just be because I am used to the images now and so am criticising them more. I am still happy with the prints I have, and I do think they will make for impressive portfolio pieces.