Temple Imperium - Production Art

Video to showcase my completed assets in UE4

Small diorama of my assets

Small diorama of my assets

Aztec sarcophagus

Aztec wall torch

Aztec Brazier

Assets created for the project, including animated foliage!

Assets created for the project, including animated foliage!

University Video Game Digital Art project.
For this project I created 3D assets based upon real world research for an FPS game set in an Aztec temple. These were to be made as modularly as possible, as they were passed to a team of programmers and game designers to use as art assets within a working prototype.

I created a small diorama of my completed assets to see them in situ within UE4. This project has been really rewarding, and has got me very excited to do more 3D environment work in the future!

Rocks are from "Tropical Jungle pack"
Water with pond scum is from "Water Materials"
Fire is from "M5 VFX Vol.2"

Diorama image presentation shamelessly yoinked from the ever inspiring Katy Templeton!

Absolutely HUGE thanks to Emily Evans, Jack Degville and Katy Templeton for always pushing me forwards and helping me through this project <3

August 13, 2020