Passengers Bar Scene

A view from the scene in UE4

A view from the scene in UE4

UE4 showcase video

Modular bar - straight piece

Modular bar - curved piece

Modular bar - tight curved piece

Modular bar - narrow piece

An example of the bar pieces assembled

It is possible to build the bar in many ways due to its modular nature

Modular footrest - straight piece

Modular footrest - curved piece

Modular footrest - tight curved piece

Modular footrest - narrow piece

Here the bar and footrest are assembled together

A screenshot of the bar in UE4

A screenshot of the bar in UE4

Beer tap

Beer taps in UE4

Beer taps in UE4

Bottle stopper

University Video Game Digital Art project.

For this project we were put in a group of 5 and asked to recreate a movie scene without characters as a game level in Unreal Engine 4. Our team chose the bar scene from the movie Passengers.

My teammates were Emily Evans, Jack Degville, Illais Panchal, and Katy Templeton.

Included are my assets, and a few images of the full scene. Enjoy!

May 10, 2020